Daniel Gazzar Wines - Swiss Wines online shop

General Sales Conditions

1. Corked bottles

Daniel Gazzar S.A. calculates its wines selling prices with the lowest margins. Those do not include a margin for corked bottles. Hence, an isolated case of a corked bottle cannot, in any case, give a right for a refund to the customer. In the case where several bottles of the same wine have corkage problems, Daniel Gazzar S.A. may accept to consider a refund, providing that the incriminated bottles are returned ¾ full with the original cork.

2. Selling interdiction to minors

By accepting our general sales conditions, the customer certifies that he is at least 18 years old. Swiss law expressively forbids the sales of spirits and alcopops to people under the age of 18. Wine, beer and cider are allowed after the age of 16.

3. Special case of wines being sold en primeurs

The order will only be confirmed if it is fully paid in advance within 30 days with no discount.

As the Swiss VAT rate is calculated upon delivery and not upon order, Daniel Gazzar S.A. has the right to invoice the VAT difference, if the VAT rate goes up between the order and delivery time. 

If, without Daniel Gazzar S.A. fault, the wines sold en primeurs cannot be delivered, the customer will have the right to a full refund, without further penalty or further demand.

4. Payment

Daniel Gazzar S.A. systematically demands a full advance payment from its new customers, that is before delivery. In other cases, the payment is due within 30 days, except when agreed otherwise.

5. Participation to the delivery costs

Fr. 20.- until 12 bottles of 75 cl.
Fr. 30.- for 24 bottles of 75 cl.

for 36 bottles of 75 cl. and up, the delivery is free.