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Our Bordeaux primeurs 2019

Bordeaux Futures 2019.

An unforgettable vintage...

It is of course impossible to ignore the 2019 early bird campaign itself. Indeed, it has not escaped anyone's notice that this campaign could not take place under normal conditions! Apart from a few professional tasters (to be counted on the fingers of one hand), including the Swiss wine critic Yves Beck - who for extraordinary reasons remained in Bordeaux during the entire confinement - nobody was on hand to taste the wines. So we had to have samples sent to us on purpose in order to be able to tell you about the 2019 Bordeaux Futures campaign. What is certain is that, in our lifetime, no one will forget this vintage.

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Products 1 to 10 of 17

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Bordeaux Futures 2019: an unforgettable vintage...

The year 2019 starts with a rather cold and wet January, but February and March are totally out of the ordinary due to a sweetness and dryness unusual for the season. The winter 2019 is in fact similar to the last winters, which is generally milder and drier than usual (+ 35% sunshine and -70% rainfall). The tamping is thus early and the vegetative recovery takes place in mid-March, homogeneously throughout Bordeaux, one week earlier than usual in 2018. The month of April suddenly slowed growth with falling temperatures and a night of frost in the Gironde between 12 and 13 April. A very serious and very serious situation has set in between the appellations and the estates. Flowering finally took place at the beginning of June, in wet weather (+37% rain) and cool (some days, 16-17°C). While the temperatures had risen in May, they fell back in June. The various appellations have different ages and flowering (some are experiencing runoff while others are not), but overall conditions are relatively similar. From June 23rd, the weather is finally bad, with peaks of 35°C on June 26th and 27th. The grapes can develop perfectly in spite of the strong heat thanks to the soil that is soaked with water.

bordeaux primeurs 2019During the month of July, heavy thunderstorms can sometimes be felt, but only in certain places, causing the degree of humidity in the soils and terroirs to vary again. Generally speaking, the months of July and August see the bunches of grapes move towards the right direction, with just the right amount of hydric stress. This lack of control in the timing of vegetative growth and the timing of vegetative growth does not seem to be a problem; As a result and the different Châteaux bordelais are starting the harvest serenely, the delays have been erased gracefully; a beautiful Indian summer. As September was also very hot and very dry (allowing the Merlots to arrive at maturity), the rain finally arrived on the 20th, preventing any wavering. This delay in the first rains of September allowed the bunches of red grapes to obtain the ideal colouring and tannins for an excellent vintage.

If we were to sum up the wines of the 2019 vintage in relation to the ideal conditions, we would have to say that it was an exceptional year (rapid and homogeneous flowering without any serious consequences, a hot and dry summer allowing a progressive hydrous constraint going up to a serious level, and then a very difficult year; As a result of the fact that the growth is not yet fully matured, a regular ripening of the various grape varieties and finally a dry harvest without much heat, leaving each plot of land time to ripen, it is clear that the 2019 Bordeaux Futures are relatively consistent at each stage, with a few bumps at the beginning of the process.