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Home wine delivery by Daniel Gazzar Wines

livraison vin domicileHave you ever thought that it would have been better to have given up that trip to the supermarket to pick up a few bottles of wine, when you are breaking your back carrying them? And even more so when it's a matter of beautiful (and heavy!) wooden crates in which the most beautiful bottles of Bordeaux, Tuscany or Burgundy wine are housed?

Did you know that the carbon footprint of a home delivery is lower than that of a car journey to do your own shopping? Indeed, logisticians optimise delivery routes, whether for wine or other foodstuffs, so that, during a round, a minimum of kilometres are covered with a truck that is as full as possible, thus limiting environmental pollution.

 For all these reasons, Daniel Gazzar Vin offers an efficient wine delivery service to your home, easily and effortlessly for you and in the shortest possible time.

Indeed, orders are placed within hours, or even minutes, and then sorted according to the number of bottles ordered:

 - Within a perimeter of 30 kilometres around our warehouse, delivery is made by the FERT transport company

 - Beyond that and up to 30 bottles of wine ordered, the Vinolog service of the Swiss Post takes care of your deliveries

 - For orders of 30 bottles or more, the company Camion Transport will bring your precious nectar to your home in the whole of Switzerland, from Geneva to St. Gallen, via Lausanne or Zurich, and in the most remote corners...

leoville bartonFinally, as indicated on the Daniel Gazzar Vins website, delivery is free of charge from 36 bottles!

 We hope to be able to meet your requirements and are always available to answer your questions and requests.