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Wines from Burgundy

Burgundy and its vineyards are located in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté in the departments of Yonne, Côte d'Or and Saône-Et-Loire. They extend over 250 km in length from the north of Châblis to the south of the Mâconnais.

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1 Product(s)

The vines of Burgundy produce red wines based on Pinot Noir or Gamay. They also produce white wines based on Chardonnay or Aligoté. They have the specificity of being mono-varietal wines.

Historically, the vineyards of Burgundy are renowned throughout the world and are the ones with the longest experience. With land that was heavily parcelled out by the monks, then by the Dukes of Burgundy, resulting in a rather heterogeneous quality of wines depending on the appellations (the "climats" according to the local term), Burgundy abounds in estates of great prestige, although often of modest appearance.

Burgundy, although one of the smallest regions (only 3% of the vineyards in France) offers the largest number of appellations of origin. Burgundy wines are, in the minds of most connoisseurs, the symbol of fine wines with historical and international renown.

In Burgundy, the notion of terroir is essential, since it is this that will give the wine its name (in Alsace, it is the grape variety, in Bordeaux, it is the estate...). The exact term "climate" defines a parcel of vines, carefully delimited and named for centuries, which has its own history and benefits from particular geological and climatic conditions.

Burgundy classifies its wines according to four categories :

- regional appellations, whose wines can be made from vines established throughout the territory of Burgundy: AOC Bourgogne, Bourgogne-aligoté, Crémant-de-Bourgogne, Bourgogne-Passetoutgrain...

- the communal or village appellations, the wine bearing the name of the commune (one or more villages) on which the vines are planted (Volnay, Nuits-Saint-Georges...).

- the first growths coming from climates delimited within a village.

- the grands crus, selected from the best climates.