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Our Primeurs - Moulis

Bordeaux Futures 2020.

2020: the birth of a 2018-2019-2020 trilogy

As the conditions of a primeur campaign do not reflect nature and the work in the vineyard, the sanitary situation has - fortunately - no influence on the miraculous cycle of the plant. On the other hand, the tasting of the primeur samples took place again in Switzerland, under the same conditions as last year... On the spot, in Bordeaux, the teams in the domains had to work on the alert, with few personnel, helping each other constantly so that nature would not notice the anti-covid measures that were so restrictive... In short, very good teamwork, great human successes and everywhere, the best of local know-how.

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7 Product(s)

Bordeaux Futures 2020 :  the birth of a trilogy...

In terms of weather conditions, the mildness and rain of winter 2020, followed by the exceptionally warm spring of the confinement period, heralded the threat of mildew. Between April and June, the rainfall exceeded the spring averages by 135mm, and the soils - especially those made up of clayey gravel - were charged with water reserves for the summer period. And they were right to do so! The summer of 2020 was particularly hot and dry, helping the winegrowers to eliminate mildew from the grapes. The berries are getting bigger and growing fast. The other consequence is a much more advanced veraison than usual. A certain amount of water stress set in during the month of July, but at the beginning of August, rains eased the pressure. From mid-August onwards, the drought started again, until mid-September, bringing the harvest significantly forward. The difference in temperature between day and night allowed the vines to cool down during this period. The berries ripened very quickly, the sugar was controlled, the grape skins were highly concentrated but the size of the berries was small, announcing a reduction in quantities compared to 2019.

bordeaux primeurs 2019

The harvest time was quickly set up, due to the ripening of the berries and the working conditions. The staff worked hard to organise everything in a few weeks, starting with the early Merlots on 8 September and continuing with the Cabernet Sauvignons. On September 30th, everything was harvested, which has not happened for a very long time. As for the sweet wines, they were less fortunate, as botrytis only started to work at the beginning of October, and the harvest had to be delayed.

The result of the Bordeaux Primeurs 2020 is astonishing, as the whole year has been... Even disconcerting. The winegrowers had to adapt to each moment and this was rather successful! The alcohol level is lower than in recent years, below 14°, which is a very positive point. The skin of the berries is thick, with a high concentration of tannins. The fruit is small, the yield of the properties will be low.

For the Left Bank, the presence of the Gironde and its cool oceanic winds has of course favoured the properties that could have suffered from mildew. The other beneficiaries of the 2020 vintage are the estates sitting on clay, which allows them to store moisture for the hot summer days. In this game, the Cabernet Sauvignons have their moment of glory and allow St-Estèphe in general to express a beautiful homogeneity in terms of quality. St-Julien, Pauillac and Margaux also show a greater concentration than usual, announcing magnificent years of ageing.
As for the Right Bank, in St-Emilion, only the clay-limestone terroirs succeed in combining tannin tension and power. The very good success of the Merlots will probably change the proportions in certain areas. In Pomerol, the leitmotiv is that 2020 is a Merlot year!

Promised to be a great vintage, the 2020 Bordeaux Futures vintage is often considered, with its tasty tannins, low alcohol and subtle balance, as a new "classic" vintage. According to renowned oenologist Eric Boissenot, advisor to most of the Médoc's First Growths: "2020 will not resemble 2018 or 2019, but it will probably have something of 2016 about it."