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Wines from Vaud

The vineyards of the canton of Vaud are spectacularly bordered on one side by Lake Geneva and on the other by the mountains. Celebrated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 2007, the vineyards of Vaud have been built in terraces since the Cistercian monks of the 12th century, supported by 400 km of low walls. As you stroll along, you take your breath away in front of so much beauty...

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10 Product(s)

Relatively fragmented, the vineyards of Vaud are however strongly composed of Chasselas (Fendant). This emblematic vaudois grape variety offers dry and mineral wines with the characteristics of its terroir.

The Lavaux appellation is the most prestigious of the eight Vaudois wines: Chablais, Lavaux, Dézaley Grand Cru, Calamin Grand Cru, La Côte, Côtes-de-l'Orbe, Bonvillars and Vully. Its slopes being extremely steep (between 13 and 43%!), the first bishop of Lausanne had the brilliant idea of planting vines there. For eight centuries, a unique microclimate has been observed here, nicknamed the "three suns phenomenon": the reflection of the sun on the walls, on the lake and the sun's rays itself target the grapes from three directions, favouring an unexpected ripening at such latitudes.

Vaud wines are the symbol of socio-cultural events, such as the Fête des Vignerons, every 25 years. They bring joy and harmony and are the foundation of the regional heritage, as well as the common identity of a history and a destiny.

What could be more perfect as an aperitif than an excellent Saint-Saphorin accompanied by local butter flutes or a piece of fresh tomme cheese?