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Wines from Valais

Valais wines make up the largest percentage of Swiss wines. Benefiting from a dry and sunny climate, the Valais vineyards stretch along the Rhône on terraces perched between 400 and 800 metres above sea level. In the upper Valais, in Visperterminen, vines of white Savagnin (Heida) even grow at 1150 m, representing the highest vines in Europe!

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9 Product(s)

Cultivated on 5260 hectares spread over 120,000 plots, the wines of the Valais are made up of around fifty grape varieties, some international (Chasselas, here called Fendant, Pinot Noir, Gamay), the most interesting being the local varieties (Cornalin, Humagne, Garanoir, Petite Arvine). Some of the vines are over a hundred years old, and the nurserymen keep them carefully in order to ensure the durability of this exceptional treasure, symbol of the rich Valaisan terroir.

Although Sierre is the capital of Swiss wines, the most famous Valais wines are found on the cultivated terraces on the northern flank above the town of Sion.

In blind tastings, the Revue du Vin de France has acknowledged the talent of the Valais winegrowers, praising the qualities of Johannisberg, Sylvaner, Petite Arvine and Syrah. Cornalin and Fendant were also applauded.

The white Valais wines are perfect as an aperitif, with fromage frais. The minerality of a Fendant will go wonderfully well with a fillet of sole, while a Petite Arvine will be ideal with richer dishes, seafood, poultry and game or a soft cheese. As for the reds, a Cornalin or a Syrah will go marvellously well with a main course such as a piece of red meat in sauce, an entrecote with wild mushrooms or a rack of lamb with thyme.