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Wines from Ville de Lausanne

The wines of the city of Lausanne represent 250'000 bottles on approximately 33 hectares, spread over five estates between the Côte, the Lavaux and the Dézaley. The wines are the pride of the city and the fruit of a century-old work and a well-established tradition. However, recent changes and touches of modernity in management, marketing and sales have given the wines a new lease of life, a great deal of enthusiasm and irreproachable quality.

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4 Product(s)

The Lavaux region is particularly well known for its origins dating back to the 12th century, when Cisterian monks settled on these steep and rocky slopes, clearing them and reshaping the landscape. Since then, these vineyards, as if suspended, whose paths run between the lake and the sky, have been the beauty of the Lausanne region and have been recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Since 1803, these estates have belonged to the City of Lausanne and are now part of its wealth and culture. Traditionally, the wines are sold at a public auction held on the second Saturday of December. Since the 2014 vintage, major changes have been made in the management of the estates: biodynamics is on the agenda. One of the five estates, Château Rochefort in Allaman, has already been working in biodynamics since 2009 and by 2020, the other estates will do the same. No more synthetic molecules, but only plant extracts, blends of plants and herbal teas are used, following the lunar and star rhythms as required by biodynamic rules.

The other big change is the Municipality's decision to verticalize and control all the steps. From now on all 250'000 bottles will be bottled at the Abbaye de Mont (sur Rolle). The purchase of such a bottling line is already amortized.

Finally, there are no longer five winegrowers-taskers, but two salaried vineyard managers: Luc Dubouloz, former winegrower and winemaker of Domaine de Burignon, for the three properties in Lavaux and Enrico Antonioli for the other two on the Côte. Because of their history and location, the wines of the City of Lausanne constantly remind man of his place in relation to nature. They are the symbol of the ideal of harmony between heritage and modernity, between natural elements and human culture.